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In life, each one of us goes through various seasons. Some are filled with joy & happiness while others bring about frustration and pain. I believe, however, that what is more important is how we respond to the seasons of life rather than the season itself. In order to grow, learn, and develop in every season, we must be able to embrace our current reality - we must realize there are certain perspectives and attitudes we must have as we navigate our present situations. I believe that God has much to say as we think through our seasons, and I pray you join me on this journey.                                                                                             - Pastor Jeremy D. Battle

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We believe our work and mission can be described in three words: Evolve, Serve, & Impact. As believers, we are constantly undergoing a process of evolution as our Christian faith shapes and forms us. This change should be demonstrated through our commitment to serving and doing constructive work that spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ. We should develop into disciples of faithful work that are visible, tangible examples of the power of God. Through our worship, teaching, and preaching, our desire is that you would be a living representation of Jesus Christ in the world.

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