What We Believe

As a Baptist church, Western Avenue believes in and follows what we call Baptist distinctives, beliefs and principles that guide the mission and ministry of our church. The distinctives are as follows:


(Biblical Authority): We believe the Bible is the divinely inspired word of God that serves as the final written authority for living out the Christian faith. The Bible is the final authority in all matters of belief and practice because the Bible is inspired by God and bears the absolute authority of God Himself. Whatever the Bible affirms, we accept as true. We believe the Bible has always been the trustworthy guide for knowing and serving the God who is revealed as Creator, Savior, and Advocate.


(Autonomy Of The Local Church): We believe that the local church is an independent, self-governing body accountable to Jesus Christ, the head of the church. All human authority for governing the local church resides within the local church itself.


(Priesthood Of All Believers): We believe that every believer can have an intimate, personal relationship with God and enter into His presence through prayer and meditation. Prayer is talking with God. It is the soul’s sincere desire to commune with God. God knows your heart and is not concerned with your words. In prayer, God is more concerned with the attitude of your heart. We believe that God still hears and answers prayer, making prayer the foundation of our church.


(Two Ordinances): We believe in baptism and Lord’s Supper, the two ordinances of the Baptist church. Baptism, an act of full immersion following Christ’s example, is undertaken by those spiritually mature enough to understand its profound, symbolic significance: resurrection to new life in Christ. Through the Lord’s Supper, or Holy Communion, the bread and cup that symbolize the broken body and shed blood offered by Christ recall God’s great love for us – just as they did for the disciples on the eve of Christ’s crucifixion.


(Individual Sole Liberty): We believe that every individual, believer or unbeliever, has the liberty to choose what he or she believes about God. This liberty, however, does not exempt one from responsibility to the Word of God or from accountability to God Himself.


(Saved, Baptized Church Membership): We believe that local church membership is for individuals who have given a personal testimony of faith in Christ and have publicly identified themselves with Him through baptism.


(Two Offices): We believe that the Bible mandates only two offices in the church – pastor and deacon. The two offices of pastor and deacon exist within the local church.


(Separation Of Church And State): We believe that God has established both the church and the civil government, and He gave each its own distinct sphere of operation. No church or government should control each other, but believers can and should promote righteousness in all areas of living, including government.